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white banana republic blouse



A white blouse from, according to the tag, Banana Republic.


Why It’s Here:

Recent convert to nudism


Probable Recipient:

A hungry impulse shopper.  (Impulse swapper?)

“Man.  Hungry hungry hungry.  Hrm.  Laundry room.  Table.  Shirt.  Hungry.  Hungry hungry.  Banana Republic.  Hrm.  Hungry.  Banana.  Banana hungry shirt.  Eat banana shirt armmphhgrrrphhmm…” 


Onomatopoeia – an introduction:

- Josh Millard

Typing words to convey sounds is as much an art as it is a science.  How did I get so good at it?  I’m a frickin’ genius, is how.  But you can learn too!  Just follow this simple process:

1. Decide on a sound you want to onomatopoeianate.  Funny sounds are best—no one likes a boring sound effect.  Example: fart noise = good; gentle weeping = bad.

2. Repeat the noise with your mouth.  Use your hands as well if necessary.  Do this for several minutes.  Test your performance on others: ask a coworker or a passerby “what this sounds like”, and adjust your performance accordingly until you are satisfied with the results.

3. Look at your keyboard.  How would you spell the noise you’re making?  Note that spellcheck will not be helpful.  Sound it out, do your best, and when in doubt use the “plbbbttt” construct—a number of excellent onomatopoeiaers have gotten their start this way.

4. Bonus hint!  Still having trouble?  Old Batman comics are a treasure trove!

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