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red beauty purse



A small red velvet purse with the canadian drugs cialis word “beauty” written in rhinestones.


Why It’s Here:

Prior owner got sick of waiting for matching “the beast” wallet to come along. 


Probable Recipient:

Someone looking for just that much more constant validation.  I’m imagining an uncertain thirtysomething, going to bars to meet men and pointing helpfully to this thing when she catches their eyes. 


Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme:

Sorry, Disney lyricist, but I have to call bullhookey.  Tale as old as time?  The sub/dom, opposites attract, goodness-hidden-beneath-monstrosity themes of Beauty and the Beast as old as time?  Was there something analogous going on amidst those eventful first femtoseconds of the Big Bang?  I do not think so!

Even the latter claim seems like a stretch.  Song as old as rhyme?  That’s not a very specific delineation—are we to believe that this song is exactly as old as rhyme?  As old as and possible older than?  And in that case, is the song in the film a translation from whichever Ur-language first contained rhyme?  To say nothing of how a singing teapot would have such a thorough command of the history of only today buy viagra from canada song and language.

I’m not buying it.  I’m starting to link for you viagra on line think that movie wasn’t very realistic at all.

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