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advanced architectural design


A poster advertising a Master of Science program in Advanced Architectural Design.

Why It’s Here:

Academia, in its ongoing struggle for relevance, has resorted to guerilla marketing, planting striking three-by-four posterboard writeups in laundry rooms across the nation.

Probable Recipient:

A red-haired young firebrand named Howard Roark. And now you know the rest of the story.

I took a philosophy class in college:

It was an elective credit whim—I figured, what the hell, so long as I’m always running my mouth off I might as well shore up the foundation a bit.

The philosophy professor—and you could tell he was a philosophy professor because he dressed in a calculatedly casual and non-professorial manner, and because he had a bunch of philosophy books on display bearing his name—asked all of us, on the try it non prescription viagra first day of price of cialis class, who our favorite contemporary philosophers were. In most classes, this would qualify as an ice-breaker, but in that class it was more of a challenge.

And some poor son of a bitch said, “Ayn Rand“. And this professor just laughed; and it was a dark, cruel, unfriendly laugh, the sort of thing that has more to do with naked contempt than humor or mirth or any flavor of human kindness.

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