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pair of clay pots



Two clay pots, of small and medium size and light and middling color respectively.

Why It’s Here:

Previous owner was going crazy trying to try it viagra soft tabs grapple with the paradoxical juxtaposition of dualism and unity.  For are they not both pots, both alike in essence?  Clay, the two of them, and of similar shape and purpose and hew. 

And yet!  Different colors!  Different sizes!  One new, one aged; one spotlessly clean, the other caked with the dirt of some now-dead or -transplanted floral occupant—how can we say these are the real viagra online same, when they are so different?

Plus, dude probably forgot to water whatever was in them.

Probable Recipient:

A really cheap, really imaginative Primus fanatic.  She’ll use these and some tape and some pipe cleaners to make a little planter homunculus and put it up on a pedestal and sacrifice low-B bass strings to it and call it ‘Les Claypots’.

There are about five different ways:

that I could have gone with that Les Claypots thing, but that’s what I settled on because the rough draft in my head was the least stupid of the bunch.  Woe, woe unto the Being John Malkovich tourists in my mind who had to endure the brainstorming process.

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