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floral print from briggs



A black and yellow floral print something-or-other from Briggs New York.

Why It’s Here:

Previous owner cared less about owning this article of clothing (whatever it is—a dress? a shirt? strange trousers?) than they did about showing off the epic markdown chain that got it into their hands in the first place.  $34.00!  $14.99!  $13.00 even! 

I guess that isn’t actually that epic.  The extra “$19.01″ made it look kind of exciting, but it turns out that was just math.  Maybe that’s why they got rid of it: they hate math!

Probable Recipient:

Albert frickin’ Einstein or something.

You know who else liked steep discounts:

Adolf H—[editor's note: we apologize for the whole "You know who else x?  Hitler!" meme.  We're trying to rein him in some, but he just thinks it's hilarious and won't stop using it.  He does it at the dinner table, he does it at shareholder meetings.  It's insane.  You know for what other value of try it cheap viagra for sale x he's used that joke?  That's right, Adolf H—{janitor's note: I'm really really sorry about that.  They don't pay me enough for this shit.}]

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