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what the shit?

You live in a place. It’s your place, but it’s not only your place. You have to share—or maybe you get to share—and when you share you start to wow)) low price cialis notice all the little samnesses and look here viagra for sale online differences that go with being a person.

Which is a fancy way of saying that people leave really weird crap in our apartment building’s laundry room, but that’s okay. More than okay, in fact: it’s awesome.

And so I decided to start taking pictures of the stuff, documenting what shows up (and eventually disappears) on what is ostensibly the we like it online viagra sales clothes-folding table. Who deposits these strange accounts? Who collects them? These are questions I cannot answer definitively (without a webcam, at least), but there is pleasure in guessing and joking and listening to what other people think.

Hence, the laundryroom swapmeet.

Have a comment?  An idea?  A request?  A money-order?  Drop me a line:  swapmeet (a) joshmillard * com

I’m Josh Millard. Thanks for wasting some time with me.