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Archive for meta

I’m talking about the site! And now I’m talking about talking about the site! And now I’m talking about talking about talking about the site!

Okay, that’s enough.

red mottled pillow

Badness occurred; this entry got blown away by some scriptkiddie, I guess.

There used to be a picture of a pillow. It was a pretty nice pillow.

It’s worth noting that I no longer live in the apartment building where the swapmeet table was. This site, unlike many others I’ve started and usefull link cialis online canada then neglected, is actually genuinely moot, in that sense — which, honestly, I don’t know if that’s a comforting or sad or a little bit of viagra online cheap both.

RIP, laundryroom swapmeet. You were a good weird time.

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Meta – testing comment filtering

I’m testing out the Akismet plugin to see if it’ll filter out blog spam as well as it’s reported to do; this probably means nothing to canadian rx levitra'>canadian rx levitra you, but if you feel like being helpful, drop a comment onto this post so I can be sure I don’t get any false positives.  


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The dark side of laundry rooms

There’s a small tale of mystery in this question over on Ask Metafilter—laundry gone missing from a communal laundry room!

Into the dryer went ~8 polos, 2 pairs of jeans, a couple of T-shirts, and some socks & underwear. Out came 4 polos, 1 pair of jeans, 1 T-shirt and not as many of the how much levitra'>how much levitra others.

Bizarre!  I’ve worried now and then that I’ve documented (and, worse, someone else has swapped out) what looked like swapmeet donations that were in fact stray articles of clothing forgotten mid-laundering; it seems an unlikely thing, but who can know for sure?

But I’m pretty sure I’ve never accidentally photographed the inside of a dryer, so I think I’m cleared on this one.


Not a redesign, just a hiccup

The swapmeet, along with a bunch of other things, has been rather mussed up by a recent Dreamhost security gaffe and ensuing hack.  That sucks, but it’s (hopefully) the past; in the present, I’m bootstrapping things as best I can, but the site may look odd for a bit.  Apologies!

Also, hacker nazis must die, kthx.


meta – monopolizing ‘what the shit’

Glancing through my referrer logs this morning, I saw that folks got to the site by searching for, among other things, “what the shit”—a phrase you may recognize from the top-right corner of this page.

Well, that’s understandable: the swapmeet is the top google hit, baby.

Mostly I’d just like to thank the Academy is all.


meta – meet mr handtruck


Who’s this scrappy redhead, this metal wallflower?  Why, I believe we’ve had a visit from Mr. Handtruck!

He was here and then gone again—to return, perhaps, some day?  I do not know.  But here he was, and we will always cherish the 50 mg viagra memory of that happy day.

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meta – been a while, huh?

Man.  I think I should start updating again.

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meta – mr stroller jilted

Is a little happiness too much to ask for?  Mr. Stroller had only just found some joy and companionship, and now, so soon, he is alone again.

Why, Ms. Stroller?  Why did you leave?  Can’t you see what a state you’ve left this poor vehicle in?  He sits in the dim corner, capable only of wondering how he ended up in such a sorry situation.  What, he wonders, next?

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meta – mr stroller gets some play


It’s been a while since we checked in on Mr. Stroller (who was introduced in this post).  In the interim, I’m happy to report that he has stuck around.

And it seems to be paying off.  Who is this lovely lady, strollering beside him down in the laundryroom?  Is it too presumptuous to refer to buy generic cialis online her as Mrs. Stroller?  Perhaps.  We’ll see what happens with these crazy kids.

I’m so happy for Mr. Stroller.  He’s such a great guy.


meta – caught up, sorta

I’m pleased to announce that I have completely and totally caught up with my old backlog of swapmeet pictures!  Happy day!  The old backlog, she is dead!

The only problem is that I now have a new backlog of like three dozen items that have shown up while I was working through the old backlog.


When I first conceived of pfizer cialis'>pfizer cialis the swapmeet, I imagined it as a real-time proposition, more or less—each evening, I would take pictures of anything new on the table, and post that in the next day or so.  And I still like that idea, but the backlog continues to be of considerable size, so it might be a while before I’m actually genuinely caught up.

Alas.  And some of you may have been presuming that this was a real-time feed.  Apologies for shattering the illusion.  There’s tissue on try it 5 mg cialis the coffee table—take your time.  Let it all out.  That’s it.  That’s okay.  You’re gonna be okay.

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